KHL Photography Model/Minor Release

                                                                             Additional Terms of Agreements
-By signing this page you hereby authorize photos to be taken on the above date, and therefore allowing KHL Photography to utilize/publish all photographs taken at this event to be used for advertisement purposes, website or other publications, and contest entrees. Client waves the right for any royal or financial compensation arising from the list above. Client may request to review images taken prior to KHL Photography publishing the images.
-KHL Photography possesses full copyright of images. This means that clients cannot alter photos in anyway after receiving images, including but not limited to: Cropping, adding filters or changing coloration, etc. 
-After receiving the images, client has full right to print images. Upon receiving images, client accepts full responsibility for archiving and protecting images. If client fails to archive photos after receiving them, and wishes to have them retrieved, there will be a $50 fee.
-KHL Photography does not release unedited/RAW images. Only the included number of edited images will be released.
-Session has no monetary value. The only compensation to occur is the agreed upon images. If KHL Photography is not satisfied with the quality and outcome of the photos obtained during the photo session, we have the right to not provide any images.
-KHL Photography has full rights to artistic visions/ability and will do their best to duplicate the quality of images in our online portfolio.
-KHL Photography cannot guarantee images of consistent work in the event that there is inconsistent weather or lighting conditions.
-In the event of any litigation, client agrees to pay all lawyer/attorney/court fees, along with any compensation for our time.

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